Sunday, October 20, 2013

Starting the Big Boys in all three Schools

This week is going to be a hugely interesting week.

1) I'm starting level 4 at the PIT with Pat Shay tomorrow (monday)
2) I'll know if I got into the Sunday Magnet level 6. (sunday) (fingers crossed)
3) I'm starting UCB 401 at UCB with Chelsea Clarke.

I think this is a true test of my ability to improvise. On the one hand, I will be with more advanced improvisers which means I'm going to learn and have a lot of fun with some great people. The next thing is I'm going to be working with aggressive people who may be coming from different intentions.

Let's admit it, If you've spent x amount at a school to do improv, there is going to be an endgame. In some ways, it could be getting on a house team, or getting seen by the right people. For me, it's kind of a house team issue but the only reason for that is because I want to play with better people. It's not about padding my resume.

I have found, in the past, that I deal with aggressive people differently. I succumb to them, I fight with them, I slow play them, or I just end up playing my game. These are all wrong. I need to realize that. I need to support the moves of people. Some people try to be funny, SUPPORT THAT. Love that, lift them up, make them better. Don't be defensive or hold on to the things you create. SLOW IT DOWN. LISTEN AND LEARN.

I find that I do great scenes with people who are wildcards or don't know very much of anything about improv. The more seasoned, sometimes I jive and trust them, sometimes I have no idea what's going on.

In essence, this is the next step of improv, figure out how to enjoy myself even moreso. MOST FUN WINS!!!

If I get into mag 6, I will be three months away from graduation from Magnet. CRAZY!! I will be three months away from auditioning for pit teams.

This has been a great ride and now is the time to see how I hold up.

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