Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Improv in Voice Over

Hey Everybody,

I don't usually like to mix and match but I actually run a website called Everything Voice Over and a while back I put up an article regarding how to use improv in voice over.

There are some really great strategies, whether it be using the in-between moments to hum or think or even outright speaking off script. It can really make you seem unique and interesting. Unfortunately it's not always the best strategy but for certain types of voice over work, it can be awesome!

If anyone is interested in voice over or the improv article. I'll post a link here.

Improv Toolkit for Voice Over

Improv has a tendency to free people's minds up and relax them. It can be a very valuable tool in voice over too!

Keep it up yall!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The new "3 Things" improv exercise

The new "3 Things" exercise

Here's a great exercise I got from Kathleen Armenti in a rehearsal with Squash. A great musical improv team now on Tuesday nights at the Magnet Theatre.

We all know the "10 Things" exercise where we all get into a circle, pat on our knees, and ask the person next to us, "10 Things you BLANK" and when they say each thing we yell out the corresponding numbers.

In this newer version of the exercise, Person 1 tells Person 2 "3 Things BLANK".

Person 2 then PHYSICALLY tries to communicate the three things.

Person 3 (to the right or left depending on who started) tries to interpret those things.

It essentially becomes a group mentality and fun building project.

HINT: If people intentionally make the 3 things unable to physically done, for example, "Three names for a baby". It ends up being even more fun. 

I would put this exercise in the realm of, getting teams to have fun, getting teams to feel comfortable, and getting the energy up. 

I'm usually very hesitant to bring energy down or take on something that requires critique. But, if you need a fun one, this is great!