Monday, March 10, 2014

Got into Megawatt on Wednesdays

So, Los Palumbos had the MOST AMAZING run ever. Wizard Brunch had a kick ass run as well. Los Palumbos got into the Hartford IMprov festival and is closing out the Pit NYC improv festival. Life is awesome, but here's the last thing. I got onto a MEGAWATT team. So this has been an awesome month or so.

Personally, I can't say exactly how or why I got in, but I'll talk about the mindset I had going in and hopefully that will say something about it.

I got the audition slot. Felt good, and just jumped on in. I feel like I do most things in improv because I want to have fun and make myself laugh. The more I think about making myself laugh, the more I end up making other people laugh. Also, it helps my third beats. Third beats are small bits that make me laugh, so I'll jump out and do those.

Nick Kanellis told Los Palumbos a strategy for doing group scenes. A and B will come out and quickly, you have to figure out who you are jumping onboard with. A or B? In the even of Matching, AA, someone will come on as B, then it's a question of more B's or more A's.

3rd beats are kind of group games if you tag run it. If someone is a ball player hitting everything with bats. First one, is B to the A of the bat hit. B: You're order Please A: Hits you with a bat. Your choices for the tag is either tag B out and find more heightened funny people to be hit with a bat. Or tag out A, and this one guy just gets hit with different things at work. Who KNows?!!! But, it in essence is a game.

During my first megawatt show, I was a landlord who stole from his tenants, someone tagged in and a queen complained about her family jewels being missing. The only thing I could think was that I was the landlord of her building. Then someone tagged in and justified it by showing the queen her lease and having her sign it. Awesome. Tags can be used in so many cool ways.

Anyways, the mindset I had coming in was to HAVE FUN and make MYSELF LAUGH. I don't pay any attention to the judges, I just have fun and just enjoy the improv. I got to play with such great people that I thought of it as a challenge that I loved. 

I got to do an improv song with an amazing player. He was awesome. I was so happy that he was yes anding this craziness. 

I think it's getting over the fact that you are auditioning. Just don't worry about it. You may not get it but just have fun anyway, you're playing with Megawatt players. Jump at that. Enjoy that. Take that to the bank and cash it in. 

To conclude, Magnet was the first improv school I graduated from. I also graduated from their Musical Improv school as well. I have so much respect for Magnet. It made me comfortable with the stage. And for that, I am so grateful!