Sunday, August 18, 2013

NYC, Krompf and BACK to Normal

Hi guys,

I'm finally back in NYC and improv is at my fingertips. I've been back a month and here's my schedule. PIT level 3, Magnet Level 5, UCB 301, and Krompf. They are all amazing teacher by far, if you need me to go into detail, I would be happy to, my teachers are Kevin Cragg, Amey Goerlich, Chelsea Clarke, and Peter McNerney. Message me and I'll tell you, but suffice to say, they are each amazing. NO COMPLAINTS.

I've also joined another group called "Street Bag", I only knew Frank Carson and Lucas Whitehead through a level 2 UCB intensive so when I saw them again they sent me a message saying they needed someone to jump in on rehearsals to kind of make it cheaper. I'm always game for rehearsals. So, I did a rehearsal with them and the next time we did a show, they asked me to join up. Awesome.

I'm still doing Maybe Monogamous, a PIT indie team, and the group is finally able to get back together. Adorable! is still running strong with almost all of us here. I was able to rejoin them and it's been amazing.

Fun little notation of differences between UCB, PIT and Magnet.

UCB, the initiation is pretty huge. You kind of really form that idea beforehand. The caveat is that it can get jokey and the more you are trying to be funny, the more it can fall flat. However, you are gifting the scene with a fully formed idea. I find when I play with UCB teams, the best of times is really well done initiations and the worst of times is no initiations and people not forming initiations and it kind of stalls and has to be found.

PIT, the interaction is key. How you react to the initiation is sometimes more important the initiation itself. Being emotional and getting into the relationship. Knowing that it's about the people is key. The caveat to that is that you will find scenes come out of nothing because the initiation isn't as strong, the game takes longer to find because it has some leeway for an organic approach. Finding the fun is as important as finding the game. (in my opinion) Scenes may have larger characters that may be less grounded but they are emotionally invested. You may find more abstract scenes or plotty scenes but there is definitely a base of positive energy.

Magnet is probably more about the unfolding of a scene. The game and relationship are still equally important, but scenes can come from an organic place. Coming out with nothing isn't really possible with  Magnet because they teach that that itself is an initiation to be honored. "I've got nothing" may give off a dumb or cool or layed back feel and if you hold onto that, you have a character and that honors the scene itself. Game isn't as important, maybe physicality, being okay with making bold choices. The caveat is that some scenes may take longer and not be as funny. Magnet is okay with that.

A final note. Krompf by Amey Goerlich is a class taught at Cap21 for dirt cheap and it is basically a form of longform improv. It's faster, it's about finding the game or finding the fun quickly.  In short, it makes you a faster decision maker. I find Amey to be a genius of improv, she really fine tunes what makes you you. What the strengths and weaknesses you have as an improviser. I feel much better about improv after every class. When you take that class, you will be with some seasoned improvisers, some are graduates from multiple schools or on teams. It's a crazy thing, since it's relatively inexpensive and taught by such a great teacher, it's hard to pass up. I'd say do this class if you can!!!!!

Take care all,