Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Cost of Improv: Interesting Stuff

There has a been a weird dispute going around about UCB and stand up comedians and who gets money and whatever.

Personally, maybe it's just how old I am, but I never expect to make any money whatsoever through improv. It's kind of a different dream than the one I had with voiceover or musical theatre.

With musical theatre, I always wanted to get to the point where I could survive on theatre alone, and for a year or two I did that, and it was amazing. As a matter of fact, I survived off the unemployment for an extra year. But, deep down I wasn't that happy. The 300th show came around and it was just a job, it was amazing but it was just a job.

With voiceover, I have the dream of making enough money to survive. Right now it has morphed into, enough money to survive and do improv. At the moment, I'm the happiest I've ever been. It's weird though, I don't feel like I'm excelling at voiceover because I'm dedicating so much time and money to improv. Though one has stalled, the other is moving forward.

So, it comes down to the cost of improv. I thought about it today after a 2prov session with Dmitry Shein and Louis Kornfeld. How much is this costing me? I love it, but how much is it costing me.

Take note.

1) Decent Proposal 10k team: 3 rehearsals a month $36 bucks a month
2) Adorable PIT Musical Team : 4 rehearsals a month $65 bucks a month
3) Maybe Monogamous 4 rehearsals a month $80 a month
4) Jam Academy 2-3 Rehearsals a month $60 a month
5) 2prov with Dmitry 4 rehearsals a month $80

Total= $320 (I've been unable to do my 2prov with Abbie due to schedule but that would bring it to 400 easily)

Classes I need to take:
PIT 3-5= $1050
Magnet 5-6= $700
UCB 3-4 and Adv = $1050


With the incoming Musical Improv Teams auditions, should I get it it'll be another $60-80 a month and I may have to lose a team somewhere.

Looking at this, I don't know how I do it, but I do know WHY I do it. Because I love it, I have never laughed harder than playing with people. I've never felt so proud of myself after I've done a good scene. Can I survive it, I hope so.Oddly enough, here is what I've already invested as far as money goes.

Magnet Intenstive + Magnet Lev 4= $750
Magnet Musical 1-3= $1050
Pit Musical 1-3 = $1050
UCB 201 = $450
PIT 1-2 = $700

Thats approx $4k in classes not including workshops.  For some reason I made it work, I'm amazed.

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