Thursday, January 24, 2013

UCB 101

I took my first UCB 101 class a few days ago and here we are jumping into the end of our first week.

For some reason, I thought it would be less remedial but it is a level 1 so it makes perfect sense.

I think I made the right choice in taking on Magnet and Pit before UCB. First off, the class is full and there is this heir of "you have to be here or else". It's very strict which works for the best.

A majority of the class is either actor or standup comedian.

I find myself watching and learning a lot. Especially with comedians, transaction scenes are very popular. It'll usually have a built in gag. With the actors, you're likely to get a yes"but" or an argument. I'm guessing it's due to the basic acting skill that you have to try and get something from someone. The reason I think it doesn't work is because a good improviser will probably give you what you want.

I remember one guy saying, "I don't know man I just don't think people are going to buy pocket sized babies"

I just agreed, " You're telling me. I've been the only customer in buying pocket sized baby because I believe so much in your ideas."

I think it literally threw the guy for a loop. Which is fun in it's own right.

I also find myself automatically trying to know the other person EVEN if they are initiating clear strangers.

There's also a lot of listening issues. But, that's totally to be expected. But, I've learned a lot from it.

I find myself getting better at justifying.

I started a scene here.
"Hello, I didn't think you'd be here, Botswana?"

(third person)
"Is this the girl you met in Botswana"

"It's her first name. (at this point I think I'm no-ing her so I backtrack justify) I also happened to meet her in Botswana"

"I remember seeing messages on your phone from a Botswana Sally"

(justify troubleshoot)
"Yes, her first name is Botswana her last name is Sally. We met in Botswana but I assure you we had no carnal knowledge of one another"

"I saw one of the messages saying that  you had carnal knowledge of her"

(at this point I have to shot in the dark justify, but it may be a little sharp in the defense department)

"I left my phone out as a test, you failed"

There was also a group game where everyone had to brainstorm and come up with stuff. In this inventy atmosphere, I feel that actors and comedians thrive. They throw out, if it works it doesn't just keep going on enthusiasm. I literally didn't say a thing, I would occasionally get the look for a millisecond of "And what do you think?" but it never came out it words people just talked over each other.

I know I sound defensive but this is making me better. It's not as challenging but it is making me better.

I also got to practice with Maybe Monogamous, one of my most favorite teams. We did a monoscene which was amazing and a couple Deconstructions that confirmed why I love improv so much. You just have so much fun!!

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