Sunday, February 24, 2013

Me and Abbie Back at 2 Prov

I remember posting about Abbie Harper being my 2prov soulmate or something along those lines. Today, we finally got to play but here was the catch NO COACH!

I was a little scared. Wouldn't it be weird. Admittedly, we've been trying to schedule something but it never worked out. So, I maneuvered my way to her place to get two hours of play in.

What happened was pretty cool. First off, I should say that we would LOVE to have a coach like Louis Kornfeld, but he is a jedi and wanted by everyone and he is SOOOO busy. Plus, Abbie's awesome and I want to play with great people.

I get there we trade off little warmups no biggie then we do scenes. The first initial one was crazy town and it just got crazier. I kind of think we had to get that one out of the way.

We had one hour left, so we did 2 thirty minute scenes. It was in kind of a slacker form, at least the first one was.

Mother is making eggs. Father is disappointed because he's going to be late and everything is about scheduling. They passive aggressively lash out at each other, Mother decides to leave the Father but first she's going to pick up the kids at the pool.

Mother picks up kids. I believe it was James and Patty. James is just like his father, wants to be on time and logical. Patty is just like her mother does what she wants, as a matter of fact she had Dairy Queen instead of swim lessons. Mother and James have a similar fight to the Father and Mother fight earlier so she decides to drop James at the house (father is off at work) and he doesn't have a key. Mother leaves with Patty to Dairy Queen. James tries to break into his own house.

Bernie Leiberman, the neighbor, notices James trying to break into his own house so he invites him into his home to have a sandwich while he waits for his dad. James implies that Bernie and Mother may have had an affair, Bernie admits that he is gay and has a rainbow flag and flowers all around and would never do that. James is taken aback by this and decides to go home out of the blue.

Bernie is now playing go fish with his boyfriend an effeminate unhappy man. Bernie being the Jewish flagrantly gay is astounded by the homophobia while Chauncey (unsure of name) reveals that he hasn't come out to his family yet and that he hates the fact that he'll never have a baby and isn't happy.It is revealed that he had a fake wedding as well.

Father knocks on the door asking about the interaction with his child. Father asks for the china set back from the fake wedding that Chauncey had for his family.  Bernie gives it to him and reveals that he used to like him but now that he found that he is homophobic he doesn't like him anymore. Meanwhile, chauncey cries in the back. Father leaves with china, giving up on Chauncey, Bernie goes to Dairy Queen. We find out that Chauncey already went to Dairy queen that day.

At the Dairy Queen, Bernie runs into Mother, Mother flirts with Bernie in front of Patty and asks to her to sit in a booth. Bernie reveals that he is gay. Mother is furious and still in denial that he is gay and just assumes that he doesn't like her and just using this gay thing to get around it. Mother flirts harder. TIMES UP!!!

As weird as that show was it was pretty straight forward. And I loved every minute of it. The next story was amazing as well.

Hatfield Mccoy is selling a twobarrel shotgun to Ranger(a ranger (not sure of name)), he requests 32k in savings bonds coming out to like $125. Ranger needs the gun to shoot McCullen his dog who got caught in a bear trap and now has a gangreen stump. We meet McCullen begging for death. Hatfield offers Ranger the ability to shoot the dog in his backyard, he'll dig the hole and he could take him out there.

Hatfield digs as Ranger drags mccullen to the grave. As Ranger is about to shoot, McCullen dies. Ranger is happy he didn't have to shoot. McCullen revives, Ranger get's ready to shoot, then McCullen Dies. McCullen revives and Ranger pulls the trigger.

In McCullen's absence, Ranger wants to get a twig from his favorite tree and bring it to the grave to pay homage. Ranger is sad he just lost one of his only friends. Ranger and Hatfield drive to go to his favorite tree, Martin. We find that the tree is full of termites and rotting and listing to the side. Clearly dying. Hatfield brought a battery powered buzz saw, no refunds, which costs $120k in savings bonds. Ranger is about to lose his friend Martin. Ranger also has a  backseat full of Savings bonds of which he is paid with at Yosemite.

Ranger calls Hatfield a sly dog for his salesmanship. Ranger is about to cut and Martin straightens. Then sags. Ranger is about to cut, it straightens then sags. Ranger is about to cut and a bear comes out of the woods and pulls the tree on top of itself and is now dying.

This is Yogi, one of the only friends of the ranger. Yogi's child is also nearby watching his father being crushed by a tree.

Hatfield tries to sell Ranger a bear gun, and Ranger says why cant I just use my 2 barrel. To which Hatfield thinks "Got me", to which Ranger says, "You sly dog of a salesman".

Ranger unloads on the bear but doesn't kill it. Hatfield decides to give Ranger the bear gun for free, but the bullets will cost 12k in savings bonds, to which Ranger says,"You sly son of a bitch".

At this point, Yogi is now starting to eat his young in his pain and rage. Ranger gives the final blow. TIMES UP!

I felt like we were juggling three-four games and really having such a good time. SOmething about playing with Abbie, we laugh so much and crack all the time. That's what I think improv is all about, making yourself laugh. Finding something out of nothing. In amazement, we did it and I can't wait to perform in front of an audience with this girl!!

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