Thursday, February 21, 2013

Maybe Monogamous Rehearsal Inspiration

Hey All,

I'm on team called Maybe Monogamous with Amy Cohen, Kelly Rockwell, Bernard Maynore, and Julie Feltman. Tonight I had rehearsal and we were a 3-prov practice with Patrick Cucata as our coach.

I had never three-provd with Julie and Bernard before and I thought it would be fun.

If I could describe Bernard, it would be a wild card genius. He constantly gifts scenes with weird idea's and fun amazing mistakes. He also is a person who yes and's himself. If you call him out as a mistake being truthful, he will repeat you word for word as if to reiterate to himself this is the reality. It is probably the most entertaining thing to see. He is on a PIT team and he shines. Love him.

Julie Feltman is a bold firecracker. She makes moves that are both character and emotional. She sets premises and clearly knows what she is doing. She also has the most balls when it comes to a performer. She puts herself out there, isn't afraid of anything. She is on a musical pit team where she uses characters to just enhance every scene she is in. She's a jewel.

I think the main thing about these two when combined with me, is that we don't crack jokes we go on the ride. And improv for us has a tendency to go crazy if not surreal.

Tonight, admittedly, I was a little loose. I had 2 shots of whiskey at the pit maybe an hour or two before rehearsal.

Patrick had us do an interesting exercise. Follow the Leaver, where a person walks on and as they walk off the scene goes with them. I'm literally doing this step by step because I had the most fun I've had in improv in a while and I want to remember it but also analyze the steps.

1)Bernard initiates as Perseus and I am Zeus. He wants me to stop having sex with his wife, Telethon. It becomes apparent that every Tuesday Perseus comes to Zeus to complain. All during the conversation, Zeus shoots lightning at the Hannibal Cannibals who eat people. Zeus confesses that he is lonely and only has sex with Telethon to get these Tuesday conversation. Zeus agrees to stop having sex with Telethon as long as he comes to chat on Tuesday.


Telethon complains that Zeus has taken sex off his calendar. She explains that she has a schedule to keep and on Mondays she gets a manicure, has sex with Zeus, then does errands. Perseus is angry. Zeus shoots the Hannibal Cannibals.

2) Telethon is talking to her Manicurist about how she hates that she won't have sex with Zeus anymore. She explains Zeus is a God and shoots lightning bolts into her vagina. Her vagina is cavernous comfortable and well renovated.


A Cannibal yells from inside Telethon's cavernous vagina, talking about how amazing the place is, well renovated and comfortable. Manicurist decides to jump in and take a look.

3) Inside Telethon, there is a spa where if you push a button the inside warms up and bubbles. This excites Telethon. The Manicurist is amazed by the cavernous vagina and communicates that to Telethon as well. We find that the walls of Telethon are like the Willy Wonka walls and if you lick the walls you can takes schnozberry's. Manicurist proceeds to test it and it works.


4) Unbeknown to Telethon, the act of folding into herself has brought to to the Inbetween where she meets the inbetweeners of time and space. She now has become an inbetweener.


Oddly enough this excercise in itself  renders itself to kind of a narrative, you are time shifting and following similar characters. Other than being TOTALLY INSANE, it was fun because we are literally following the scenes. It seems like a movie to me. The film would have been a surreal adventure. We do another one.

Patrick asks us to use an item in the scene and as the item moves from place to place we follow that item.

1) I initiate as an old blind man who turns back a clock after it rings and sits down and works on another item. Son enters and talks to the old man. We learn that the father disowned the son because he was in love with a Native American. The son ran away with her. He came back to reveal that he has a son. The old man expresses regret and says that every day since the boy left he has turned back the clock for a few minutes and worked on an invention to be able and go back in time and fix all the mistakes that have caused regret. In a fit of rage, the Old blind man pushes the ringing clock out of the window.

2) A child looks at a clock that just fallen. Her father is in a treehouse trying to get away from the R indians much worse than the S indians. The child wants to go up into the safety of the treehouse as we hear the R indians incoming. Arrows fly but don't hit the child or father they scurry up the tree and go silent. Meanwhile a young R indian walks below the tree and steals the clock.

3) The R india brings the clock back to the tribe. They find that this is a great gift and we learn that it would be great to give to the blind old man as a gift and finally reveal the son to the old man. They use the clock to teleport to the shop.

4) The old man sits and Son introduces the grandson, he touches the face of the grandson in happinness and the grandson scalps the old man.

Once again, crazy town usa, but there was almost a children's story theme or tale to it. It felt like loss, connection, danger, family, regret, almost a Dickens novel. It was hilarious and funny as anything. The next two sets ended up being crazier than these, though these were narrative themes, the next ones were more theme based and those themes were horrible.


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