Saturday, December 15, 2012

When I Drank the Kool Aid

I moved to NYC in February. Somewhere along the way I met up with one of my best friends Giana DeGeiso. She's an amazing talent. She told me she was going to take a class with Charlie, whom I knew through Giana. I literally didn't know very many people at all in NYC, so I decided to take the class.

The class was Musical Improv 101 with Micheal Martin at Magnet Theatre. I believe it started in April because the show was in early June.

I literally had NO idea what it was, I just signed up for it.  I thought to myself, I better know what the hell I'm getting into so I go to my first Musical Megawatt at the Magnet. It's a Tuesday night of multiple house team shows. That night I'm pretty sure I saw Mint Condition and Bees!!!. I was literally floored, hadn't laughed that much in my life. Musical improv seemed like pure joy. I went to the mixer but I didn't perform (mixers are where people from the audience can perform with team members).

I remember thinking, this is crazy fun, but I still didn't want to make a fool of myself. So, I started taking 10k  practice sessions and PIT drop ins. These are available to all  levels. And I just jumped head first, so that I could at least not be totally green.

The next week, it was another Megawatt. It was Bees!! and I think Rosencrantz. But, BEES!! were hosting the mixer. I remember signing up thinking to myself, this is crazy. My heart ran. I called up Jim Nieb, a fellow pirate on the Peter Pan Tour I did ages ago. He's an improv teacher in LA and he told me I'd be good at improv, and I just kept saying "Ehhhh, I don't think so. I'm not funny". I left a message on his machine I think before I went in.

The scene was fun. I think it was about a Hot dog vendor and his son. It wasn't amazing but I did it!! Suffice to say, every mixer I go to, I perform at.

Here we are today. December 16th. Since that March/April show, I've finished the Magnet Musical Improv Levels 1-3 (all with Michael Martin), I've finished PITS Musical Improv Levels 1-2 (all with Desiree Nash (also on BEES!!)), I'm currently starting shows in Magnets Level 4: Deconstruction class with Alex Marino, I'm midway through Level 2 at the Pit with Kevin Cragg. That's training wise.

As far as performing wise, I'm on the PIT Musical House Team ADORABLE!. I'm on the 10k team "Decent Proposal". I'm on the indie team, "Maybe Monogamous". I've started a two prov team with Abbie Harper. I've also finished the third show of the Circuit with Team Alvarez.

9 Months. My goal in my heart has always been to be in that Musical Megawatt. That first show that I'd seen in NYC. In January, I'll audition. Beyond that, I want to try and be on an Improv House Team for the PIT and the Magnet. But, that'll take a few more classes.

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