Saturday, December 29, 2012

Deconstruction Show #2

Now, I'm a week back and I've gotta get to this bloody blog. But, I really wanted to go into tonight's festivities.

Our Deconstruction Show.

I love Alex Marino's warmup. We kind of combine as many warmups as possible and it's so much fun. From going to pass the face, to knife throws, to random stuff.

Alex gave a great insight before we started the show. He saw us doing a lot of talking last show, and less getting into the action. He said try and do this scene two-ten lines in.

This is an interesting notion to wrap your head around. As an improviser, you want to initiate with information. The more the better. That's why in group games people are likely to be like, "Okay (insert group of people) we are going to (insert activity)". But if you think about it, to just trust that something fun will happen.  You may surprise yourself.

For example:
A: Okay Walmart Employees we are going to figure out who stole the money.

B) I didn't steal it.  Jack looks suspicious

C) I see Jack got a new bicycle

D) Jacks happier than all of us for some reason.

JACK) I bought a bike what the fuck!

Okay example and kind of textbook.  But, imagine starting a group game with B/C/D or EVEN JACK.  The possibilities are really interesting.
B) I didn't steal it.  Jack looks suspicious
C) Look at his shifty eyes.
D) He's wearing a striped shirt

C) I see Jack got a new bicycle
B) I see Jack got a new haircut
D) I see Jack got a girlfriend.
JACK)  You never seen a happy person before!

Trying to wrap my head around Marino's instruction I find that it just takes balls and trust. You have to have the balls to make that move that leaves stuff in the air and trust it.

In the Deconstruction show, I was able to be on both teams. The first show, admittedly I slow played it. The source scene (first scene) seemed about something else for awhile. It was called out as a first date. At that point I was kind of in my head. I feel like I need the momentum of that first big character or move to ride it all the way, if I hang back in the silence, I fade. I had a pretty good scene with a great partner and I found myself making semi-fun choices but it was more just not messing up the scenes. Sometimes, in my funks, I will just do what is needed. Luckily, with Deconstruction, the class is so talented, I don't feel pressure to get out there and fire on all cylinders, which is amazing. So, at least I'm not stressing. I played a kid being taking around by the Janitor to explore places in the school. With those concept oriented initiations, I just kind of ride the genre and drop gifts where I can. I feel like the world is the initiator, don't wanna jump into the idea until I know what it is.

In conclusion, for show one, I could have done more but I felt great about what I did. Added music love and good decisions. Maybe in the back of my mind, I knew I was going to be on both teams and that kind of pushed me into a better not go crazy state of mind. Politeness in improv. I have been taught that there is no room for it.

The next show, I jumped in on the source scene. It's a big shot because your scene has to be a foundation of sorts for ideas. It can't really be about some place or something outside of the people. Well, it definitely could be, anything could happen, but it's a safe bet to go relationship. The suggestion was cupcake. I went out with my partner and I sat down and I just looked at him and squinted angrily. I just sat in it. It was all my partner talking for about 30 seconds. But, it was obvious how I felt at him, then when I finally spoke it was very articulate English and the fact that he called me out as a 5 year old I just pitched it up.  It was fun.

Quick note to self: Just come out with a feeling of something for the other person and just project it.Anger has been my go-to, I'm probably a very dark person. Actually, I am a dark person, so be it. But, the communication of that before you say anything makes a huge promise to the audience. "This guys is mad", "This guy is sad" "This guy is horny".... If you say anything that just encompasses you  with an added statement that fits into the situation then it's an instant laugh.

The next two source scenes were very much inspired by scenes before them. That's the beauty of deconstruction, you have one source scene, two themes, second source inspired by them, three flavor scenes, third source inspired by prev, and run. I feel like you honor the form by making that initiation be a straight cue somehow from the scenes before. I find it much easier to initiate those. Those aha moments come to me then more than later.

With the run portion, I jumped into as many scenes as possible. As I do this more, I feel like I'm just waiting to pounce. Listening for that cue to jump in and just run it. I feel like I'm getting something finally. But, it definitely requires that momentum that I set earlier.

I've found that at the very least, I'm that improv actor that will make the noises, do the music, be the waiter, the walk on dude, and do good edits. At my best, I can really just have an amazing fucking time playing characters, tag in and out of scenes, start runs, tie stories together, and love every minute.  Honestly, I want to be at my best all the time, but I don't want to control anything.

My goal: to take every scene as an adventure of fun. Don't have any preconceived anythings. Just jump in and be surprised at what multiple minds can accomplish.  The more I do this, and I've been doing this a lot lately, the more I love it.

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