Saturday, December 15, 2012

12-15-2012 Alvarez Circuit Show

Team Alvarez consists of a great group of improvisers. Steve Ling, Lisa Flanagan, Larisa Treyster, Ian Gray,  Joy Passey and Bill Dobson.  Our coach is Ben Jones. Today we had practice.

I was running late. I woke up at 2pm. Probably because I spent most of last night having drinks with Lisa and Ben. Alvarez had a show last night. The last show of the Magnet Circuit.

Personally, I had a great time. I feel fearless and fun with this team. They are supportive as all hell.

I try and record every show I do so I can analyze it later. Figure out how it went. Critique myself. Here's the audio for last nights show. 12-15-2012

Alvarez Third Show

First scene. Bill initiated kind of an artist to model kind of thing. His mannerisms were like a foreign artist. On a whim, I started making a beat, kind of like a euro techno beat.  Why? I felt like it cemented Bill's character that he would have a runway or runway music in his small alterations place.

Second scene. I came out behind Lisa and Ian came out as well.  This could have been a problem. Ben had told us that we shouldn't do any walk ons in first beat. But,  to me, it wasn't a walk on. We all just walked out at the same time. I always hate that tendency to jump back and be "I'm sorry". I just laxed near the door and listened. I was going to be in the scene but I wasn't sure when but I would listen and react without words until the time was right. Lisa and Ian initiated a museum where they showed dinosaurs eating pineapples and there were cave drawings. Lisa called it out as being an absurd exhibit of sorts but it was not realistic. That's when I figured I should be the curator or some authority figure to defend the exhibit. Angrily ofcourse, because it was my go-to that night. lol. Lisa explains her point of view, and I decided to justify it as within the caves of Tiawakka there is a time-rift that dinosaurs used. But, I didn't use it as a blame, it was more of a bait. Like, "I s'pose you don't wanna know about the time rift", plus I added in the fact that I may be just using it as a ploy to get people to be members. It was great. I had a good time. Plus, I feel like what was a scene in a museum could 2nd beat into indiana jones or dinosaurs. Why not!!! I love that stuff!

Third scene. Steve initiated a table and a cup and stirred it and sniffed. I just kind of wandered in and intensely looked at him. He motioned for me to smell, I shook my head in a no. He said something along the line of, "It's hard, making the perfect perfume".  At that point, my mind made a decision. I'd usually just match the energy into a defeated  (awww man) but instead I said, go big. Angry and Steve matched. Oddly enough, we weren't fighting each other we were just yelling about the situation. It didn't really get that inventy either. I was really proud of it.

Group Scene.
We just did a kind of physical assembly line scene that turned into robots killing people. Initially, I thought was just SO weird that I didn't want to have to explain it. Something comes out and someone snaps it, looks at it, stamps it, throws it, and laughs. It got laughs as is. But, we added a malfunction and murder as icing on the cake.

2nd Beats.
Bill now worked with Lisa who just had her wedding done and screwed up by the weird tailor. I added techno where I could. Joy initiated as someone who wanted more info on the cave, I basically challenged her as to how far she was willing to go. Bill initiated a scene with me and Steve as a lender who wanted to know how the perfume was going. I basically angrily strong arm him to give us more money.  Group scene, I initiated robots. Admittedly, I don't know why, I was maybe trying to get lots of robots in a group game, but I always find when I initiate those IDEA initiations, they never turn out so well. But, Joy supported and it was a fun robot game.

3rd Beat:
Lisa initated as if they were in the Amazon at the cave of Tiawakka and it was a failure. She was dragging Ian. I tossed in my body kind of like body in Raiders of the lost Ark with the head with the arrow in it. Joy tossed in that there was a security breach and we were in the Museum. I thought of it as kind of weird. Steve yes anded Joy and was a security guard. At this point, I'm thinking justify. So, I kind of broke off and explained to the audience that through the time rift they are both in the museum and in the cave in Tiawakka and Steve kind of implied that it was an elaborate trick to get another exhibit. Oddly enough, I thought it kind of worked.

Conclusion: I had a great time. Alvarez represents freedom to me. I can add little things or jump in and I will be supported. Everyone has a good time. There is a strong tendency to match as opposed to fight. That is SO HUGE here. I love my team and my coach Ben Jones. He wants us to have fun. So, we DO!

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