Monday, December 17, 2012

Improv Weekend Part 2 Two Prov With Abbie (Louis Kornfeld Coaches)

First off this is going to be the first of many twoprov sessions with Abbie Harper. I met her in Musical Improv One at the PIT taught by Desiree Nash and every scene I ever did with her was just fun. I record almost every class ESPECIALLY musical improv and I keep coming back to the scenes with Abbie. Once I heard she didn't get into the PIT musical teams, I realized I wanted to be on a twoprov team with her. We've had long conversations about making improv more real, being okay with dramatic. Not forcing it, just being okay with it. We both come from theatrical backgrounds and are actors at heart. Anyway, today was our third improv practice.

Our teacher is Louis Kornfeld. If you ever watch Boss on Thursday nights, he is amazing. Boss itself is amazing. It's the truest slow prov and the payoff is huge. I took a class with him in the intensive and it was one of those blow my mind moments. I feel like I understand just about everything he says. He is my personal yoda for improv.

Anyways, we start the improv and Louis has one of us take a stance and then the other person touches that person then let the scene start. At first we kind of felt good, because Abbie and I are comfortable with each other but the scenes weren't as amazing as they used to be. Louis noticed that our touching of the other person was more polite. The hand on back. The pointing. The patting of back. Very polite, showing of respect. He basically said here look at this, he comes up to me in my posture and just hugs me at my torso and looks up. Already, there's a scene. No words.

After that we were on a roll, from a kid holding Santa hostage, to an older lady seducing an awkward guy at a wedding.

Next was a kind of inner monologue practice. One person just does a physical thing, the other person just talks about how they feel about them and then heightens it. This was a little tough for me personally. I felt kind of inventy.

For example, someone is eating cake. "You are such a good father. You provide for me and Jake. You give us everything we need and want. You put food on the table.You need to get a wife. Any woman would be happy to have you. My teacher would be a great fit for you. Especially, Mrs Ralston. I can imagine you and Mrs. Ralston taking me and Jake to the Aquarium, she'll tell us  the history while you crack jokes. You're such a joker. I try to tell your jokes all the time but the never come out right. I can't make jokes. Why can't I be like you? I try, that must be mom's genes"

It's weird but it's fun. It could definitely be a show thing. The next thing we did, i think, was a set. This was the first set Abbie and I ever did as two prov. It was a combination of a Hairstylist/client, Neighbors, and oddly enough a guy coming onto a girl at her grandfathers funeral.  Louis stopped us because I tried to deny that I was coming on to her. There are more possibilities in just confessing what you are doing. It's kind of cooler that way. The possibilities are endless.

Did you just pee in my garden? Yup. I was tired of waiting for the guest bathroom.
Did you have sex with my sister? I'll be honest. Yes, I was just tired of her making fun of our relationship.
Did you just kill that guy? I did it.  It was him or me and I wasn't going to miss the Hobbit.
Did you just eat glass? Yup. I do everything hardcore.

It's so common in improv to kind of write the polite thing. People may think it's funny to be like, "Naw.... I would never" wink wink. But, to say yes. Is so much more fun.

To the same accord, Abbie being repulsed by the guy coming on to her was feeling oddly flattered after the honest. Louis said it works the same there. The first reaction is "Ofcourse this is inappropriate". But gradually, just grow the "Mmmaybe". So she kind of comes around a little.

I'll be posting clips from this twoprov later. I'm really proud of it and we are gonna get this ball rollin in the new year.

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