Sunday, April 14, 2013

Back in CA

Well, I'm sure if anyone read the last post, they know i was making the move. Ugh it sux but I'm back here in CA recouping cash and being away from improv.

For my first CA post, I just want to say how much love a person can find through improv. You form connections with your team members that are so rooted that you can find real human love and care there. My teams both Decent Proposal and Adorable both did some amazing things for me and they didn't have to.

I think improv is different than theatre in that it isn't directly finite and you really are relying solely on the support of your fellow cast members. In a musical, you could be amazing and everyone else could not be and you can make do. In improv, you really want everything elevated. The team is the true team.

Anyways, here I am in CA just itching to get back on stage. I found a musical improv intensive with Unscripted theatre. I was kind of stoked. It's like 24 more hours of classes for less time. They also are very small classes so in a way I'm thinking AMAZING, more one on one. The other things is SF? 360 bucks? eck!!! But, there is a chance it won't go through due to enrollments.

We shall see. Half of me wants it, the other half doesn't.

To end off, I met with my friend Dasha today and we talked about happinness and goals and life in general. She asked, "Have you ever really been happy?"

I said, "In New York, I was..... Sure I wanted to perform more and with the best people, but I was very happy. "

I'll be back. Soon!!!!

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