Monday, June 3, 2013

Coming back to NYC

I'll be 100 percent honest, I haven't done any improv at all since I left NYC. I tried to maneuvre into a musical improv class, the class didn't even get enough enrollment and it was dirt cheap. I tried to figure out what short form is available NADA!!!

So, i just delved into saving money and preparing myself for NYC and gettin ready.

I am happy to state that I will be back in NYC on July 6th. A lovely friend of mine is leaving and I was able to take over her place for a month and a half and I'll figure out a place after that. I've also streamlined my life bit by bit. I bought a smaller ACER  computer that will travel much better. I'm contemplating getting a small portable monitor as well. Ahh well, enough of that.

The one thing that I did do that was improv, was that I went down to LA and saw my good friend Jim Nieb, he teaches improv down there and I saw his class do longform improv. It was pretty great I enjoyed it. But, I found myself trying to get Jim to improv with me for shits and giggles hours after that.

I may not do any blogs til I get back to NYC, because whoever reads this is going to want to know about improv and I literally have nothing.  All I know is that I miss it. That's all I know. Everything I do here in CA is an attempt to get me back there.

I've never felt this way about anything or anyone.


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