Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rough Couple of Days

I'm gonna cut to the chase here. I got offered Magnet Circuit Team as a opposed to Magnet Musical Team, which to me is a loss. I was  shooting to be able to perform on the stage where I've been going to shows for the better part of the year and now I'm not. Anywho, you're probably thinking howd this happen. Here's the rundown of the weekends events.

1) Saturday Auditions: We did some improv scenes, I felt great about them, I could have been more aggressive but I literally felt great. Next up a spot song, the suggestion was cowboys and indians, I did a song about a child who wanted people to play with. I got a lot of great reponses, I did a little dance, enjoyed myself. I felt great about. Probably the best thing I did. Then we did an opening number.

After that I killed time, I had a class with the PIT but magnet auditions were on my mind all day, I was distracted. I went to the love bar to just kind of kill time at Doug Widdick's spot song hosted by Kathleen Armenti. I had a great time there, if you ever get a chance to do a spot song (solo improv song) go to the love bar on the occasional Saturday and try it out. It is amazing.

Low and behold I get an email saying, You're called back. I'm just happy as hell. I go home with a smile on my face. I even plan on doing 3 hours of improv with abbie before the auditions as a warmup.

2) Sunday pre-callbacks: I do a great class with TJ for Musical Improv 2. We work on life force songs where a character finally puts their foot down and says no. That propels the character into a song. It was great and though it was kind of chaotic it was great stuff. Had a good time. I'll probably go into more detail later.

I then did an amazing bunch of sets with Abbie. a bunch of 15 minute sets then a 40 minute set that was just crazy and amazing.

3) The Callback. We did a narrative. I didn't feel good about it. I know what I did wrong.

a) Was Antagonist, but wasn't villainy enough.
b) Wasn't making strong enough choices

I was in my head. I didn't help the narrative at all. Maybe that's what killed me. But, since it's 730am and I've been ranting to myself, might as well unleash a little.

I thought there was nothing very spectacular about the set as well. It was kind of a tongue in cheek, we're trying to be funny thing. I don't like that, I believe that if we ground the characters in realism the fun will come about. But, I have to yes and it, my only shot was a bad villain. I tried to kill one out of the two protagonists to force a doubt song, but then it just turned into a chase where nobody wanted to die. I recognize that it was a callback, but that was weird to me. I love dying, I want people to kill me. It could be a game. I don't know.

Here we are two days later. I get a message saying Grats, You're on a Circuit Team. There are 2 teams being formed, circuit is not one of them. I know a lot of people on that circuit team and their great people but it's literally my level 3 class. Honestly, I've already performed with them, I was hoping for something else.

The fact is, there's is something missing. I did all the classes that were available. Poured my heart out, showed respect for the forms and I still didn't get in. It's me. There's nothing else. I respect Micheal Lutton and Micheal Martin's opinon, I am not good enough to get in. Politics or team dynamic aside. That's it.

My problem is that I thought I was in. That in itself is a problem. So, not long after that email, I decided to move back to CA and get my nest egg back in order. It's one of those few times where everything kind of comes together. I cleared my schedule for the possibility of a Mag team. Now, that's gone, I have a lot of free time. I find myself waiting for Monday and Thursday and hoping that I have shows.  SOOOOOO, I'm off. April 10th. Bye NYC. I'll be back.

When I come back, I'm finishing the PIT program, finishing the Magnet Improv Program and maybe the UCB as well. Just need the money to fund it. 

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