Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Best Two Weeks for an Improviser

Today, I sit on a stool eating trying to put into words what a great three weeks I've had. As an improviser, it was probably the most intense week ever. But, as a person, I gained so many friends and was able to for a few hours get insight into the minds of the best improvisers in NYC and probably the country. Here's what happened. Over the next few weeks, I'll post individual notes from every class I took and try to wrap my mind around the theories and the exercises and maybe in the process be able to put into words the amazing three weeks.

Week  1:
Camp Magnet: A camp that Magnet Theatre does once every year in the Catskills where you get to learn from great teachers and make tons of new friends, swim, play, chat and have a great time.

Teachers at Camp Magnet that I took classes with: Rachel Hamilton, David Razowsky, Louis Kornfeld, Alex Marino, Ed Herbstman, and Megan Gray.

Week 2: 
Rick Andrews Intensive Level One: I was able to Big Sib for Rick Andrews Level one intensive. It took place from 10-4pm Monday Through Friday

DCM Workshop with Neil Casey: The Invocation
DCM Workshop wtih Chris Gethard: Make Your Scenework Easier
DCM Workshop with BIlly Merritt: Pirate Robot Ninja

Workshop with Betsy Stover
Workshop with Ari Voukydis

All throughout those weeks, I performed with The Washingtons for DCM, rehearsed with The Battery, rehearsed with my Krompf team, "Humphrey", took level 3's Annoyance classes, and did Blackout shows (class and form taught by Louis Kornfeld)

I'm not sure how to start writing about this amazing time but when I calculated it out, around 70-100 hours of improv classes and shows (watched or did). 

The cool this is that this can be done by just about everyone. Most of the DCM workshops require some UCB experience so it's worth taking for that.  Anyone can do Camp Magnet which is awesome. Also, I believe if you finish level 3 or 4 at Magnet, you qualify to big sib. 

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