Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Mirroring Concept and the KEY in Heightening Organics

This is straight from a Level 5 PIT class that kind of blew my mind. This is Nate Starkey's thing and I had to write it down somewhere.

There are 3 types of Mirroring, Exact, Near, and Complimentary.

The ONE underlying similarity of ALL THREE is that it is based on what the other person initiates. It's not 2 initiations. If you choose to Mirror you are basing your first move on them.

EXACT MIRRORING: This refers to exactly mirroring what the other person is doing. It's physical, it's emotional. In an organic mirroring, you heighten on each others mirroring, similar to a pass the face exercise. This is what we all are used to.

NEAR MIRRORING: This is where you almost mirror it with a slight differentiation. If someone is curiously looking in a box, you can look in another box angrily. The match is the physicality but the emotion is different. If someone is curiously looking in a box, you could be curiously looking in a closet. The match and mirror is there, you chose to open something else. Another great thing I saw in class is someone turned around like a sprinkler and the other person got under the water and was affected by it happily.

** So many times we mirror exact and feel almost unfulfilled. Near mirroring may be the key to finding the fun of mirroring again**

COMPLIMENTARY MIRRORING: Similar to the sprinkler, but a little more active. This is where you're object work directly connects to the other persons object work. Or the emotion directly connects to the other one. If someone is aiming  a gun angrily, you could be pointing at the thing he's shooting at OR helping him pull the trigger. You complement the other person. If someone is happily opening a present, you could happily be watching them like a parent.

Here's another key concept Nate threw down. When you are doing organic initiations or organic transitions, the KEY is to heighten quickly. You figure out the mirror situation and you HEIGHTEN. It should be EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL and you yes and yourself out of this. The problem I've found is that I've done organic transitions where you don't heighten you just transform until it feels familiar. It's almost saying, this doesn't work, that doesn't work, this feels good. With heightening, it works right away.

Thanks Nate!!!

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